Center for Leading Organizations

The Center for Leading Organizations (CLO) offers highly-tailored educational services, valuable advice, and the delivery and facilitation of offsites at the senior level of organizations.

Resolving Complex Organizational Issues

Many clients turn to us for help in resolving the often-complex issues that affect their firm’s ability to achieve or retain a leadership position, to be a truly “leading organization.”

These issues can be:

  • Strategic (“What’s the best way to serve those clients who are demanding different types of expertise?”),
  • Structural (for example, “Given the growth in our firm, are we best-positioned with a regional structure, an expertise-based one, or something else?”), or
  • Skills-driven (“How do we equip our people to address these issues with competence and confidence?”).

Who We Help

While our clients come from across the spectrum of firms and industries, most of our work is with financial, professional and other services entities. We work mostly with people at the senior executive or partner level, and people leading specific functional areas, such as finance, HR, IT and the like.

How We Help

Our work is highly customized. Much of our content stems from our own intellectual capital, developed as practitioners, facilitators, instructors at leading executive education programs at Harvard and elsewhere, and as the authors of three books, numerous articles in the Harvard Business Review and other publications. It also helps that we've simply been around long enough to know how and where we can help.

If a catchphrase is helpful, it’s that the Center for Leading Organizations helps build trust on three levels:

  1. Strategic (“Are our goals and strategies the right ones?”),
  2. Organizational (“Do our clients and our people have confidence in HOW things get done?”) and
  3. Individual (“Do our clients and our people actually trust us in leading the entity?”).

One-on-One Guidance

Some clients need more personal guidance. CEOs and senior leaders ask us to work with them on specific issues at the intersection of strategy, organization and leadership. These are not generic coaching engagements. Rather, they are situations in which senior leaders need some expert assistance or advice in thinking through the options for leading their organizations.

We invite you to get in touch, talk to us, come visit us. We’d be happy to help you build trust on three levels.


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