Center for Leading Organizations

CompassOur facilitation is far more than process-based. While it is important to be on time, we are much more focused on staying on task, and staying on target. Offsites are too expensive, rare, time-consuming and important to work in any other way. We have to be sufficiently well-versed or expert in the issues at hand.

Where we focus:

Executive Education and Development

Advice for Corporate and Staff Departments

Advice for Professional Services Firms

Strategy sessions, especially offsite meetings, often benefit from the clear, unbiased guidance of someone from the outside. We are often called upon to help plan, lead and orchestrate these sessions, whether they are for a few dozen, or for several hundred.

Facilitation Where and When You Need It

Our facilitation work doesn’t just take place before, during or after large-scale offsites. It often takes place at regular leadership group meetings, on a quarterly or even more frequent basis.

In one instance, it has been an every-other month engagement for more than three years. In another, it is scheduled as an annual occurrence with the CEO and board of directors of a publicly-traded company, focusing on the allocation of board responsibilities, the “rules of engagement” for the introduction, discussion and disposition of items on the board meeting agenda, and criteria for the evaluation of board performance.

One-on-One Facilitation

There are times when individual executives may need someone upon whom to bounce ideas and ask for guidance. This could be during the initial stages of a new job, or during a particularly difficult time.

This type of facilitation is at the other end of the spectrum from the “cast of thousands” offsite held at a comfortable resort or conference center. Although we don't call ourselves coaches, some of the executive facilitation work we do falls easily into that category.


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