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CompassWe design, develop, and deliver customized instructive sessions that provide leaders, managers and their organizations with new skills and insights. Because each customer's situation is unique, we tailor every one of our offerings. This means, of course, that there is no "typical" program.

They range in scope, topic and format. And they range all over the place. For example, we recently created a tutorial symposium for three newly-appointed executives who needed a rapid immersion into the world of strategic cost management. We gathered people from our network of experts around the world, and in two days at the Harvard Faculty Club, had a stream of knowledge transferred on a just-in-time basis.

Where we focus:

Executive Education and Development

Advice for Corporate and Staff Departments

Advice for Professional Services Firms

A Lively Learning Experience

Typically, our work is with 15-25 participants, engaged in a series of activities (not just classroom lectures!), all designed to keep people engaged, focused and learning. We partner frequently with other instructional groups, some of whom have highly specialized expertise (such as in presentation skills, or computer-based simulations), and when we do so, we know how to tie it all together. There’s nothing less satisfying than sitting through a program that looks more like a variety show than a learning experience.

We also do a lot of custom case writing, materials creation, and development of action-learning efforts. We do whatever we can do make sure that your time spent in this area is worthwhile. It’s way too expensive for you to do otherwise.

We are also highly attuned to workforce changes and workforce realities, and that there is a different expectation of what goes into a session now than what might have been done even a few years ago. It’s why we use everything from audience-response systems to YouTube in our sessions.

Please see our page on Executive Education for additional information on our teaching.


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