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Robert M. Galford

Robert GalfordRobert Galford is a managing partner of the Center for Leading Organizations (CLO). He divides his time across teaching at Executive Education programs and working with senior executives at the world's leading firms on the leadership issues that lie at the intersection of strategy and organization. He has taught on the Executive Programs at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and most recently Harvard University.

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Catherine Braun

Catherine Braun

Catherine Braun is a partner with CLO. Catherine has extensive experience in strategic planning and the motivational and communications issues inherent in strategy alignment.

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Kate Sweetman

Kate Sweetman is a professional affiliate with the Center for Leading Organizations. Kate is an experienced leadership consultant, educator, author, editor, and speaker. Her coaching and consulting work has ranged from helping to shape more effective senior leaders and management teams in global corporations to supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries launch and grow their businesses. Her goal is always to help connect the individual’s personal source of leadership to the complex business and human challenges of delivering profitable, sustainable growth.

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Anthony Gallo

Tony Gallo is a professional affiliate with the Center for Leading Organizations and a partner at HawkPartners. Tony specializes in strategy, marketing and planning. For the last 20 years, he has provided counsel to senior executives on many facets of the strategic planning process, including strategy development, brand development and positioning, managing client relationships, and the linkage of data to strategic decision-making.

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Gib Hedstrom

Gib Hedstrom is a professional affiliate of the Center for Leading Organizations, and the founder of Hedstrom Associates. Gib has over 25 years of experience advising CEOs and board members about how to handle difficult environmental, social and governance challenges. He has reported directly to boards of directors of Fortune 500 companies on over 50 occasions. Gib founded Hedstrom Associates in 2004, providing consulting services to companies that want to be profitable, to be admired, and to thrive as successful enterprises.

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Insight Experience

Insight Experience develops unique, simulation-based learning experiences that accelerate leadership deveopment and strategy execution. Their solutions help connect leadership to business results for companies worldwide. The firm's facilitators use a proprietary simulation platform and extensive practical experience to work with executive teams and managers at all levels to sharpen both business and interpersonal skills.

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