Center for Leading Organizations

CompassSometimes a firm just needs direct, focused help for a specific problem. We help organizations and their leaders solve problems that are hindering their ability to maximize their growth and effectiveness.

While we have great respect for the top-tier consulting firms (in fact, some of us are their alumni!), ours is a different offering. It’s more highly-focused, faster, and often has some learning experiences or facilitated sessions attached to it as an outcome.

Where we focus:

Executive Education and Development

Advice for Corporate and Staff Departments

Advice for Professional Services Firms

Examples of How We Provide Advice

Here are a few examples of our advisory work:

  • Advising the leaders of several large functional components in one of the world’s largest energy companies on increasing the performance and productivity of their people.

  • Serving as a “behind the scenes” advisor to the mayor of one of America’s largest cities on a sensitive set of issues.

  • Counseling an executive committee on the imbalance of the firm’s business portfolio, and the potential remedies it might select.


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