Center for Leading Organizations

The Center for Leading Organizations (CLO) offers leadership and strategy advice, educational services and the facilitation of meetings and offsites for senior leaders.

Our goal is to offer the insight, wisdom and guidance you need to help you and your organization achieve positive change and overcome barriers to growth.

Our clients comprise a wide range of firms and industries, from law firms to multinational energy suppliers, consumer good manufacturers, governments, and much more.

We recognize that business issues are complex. Often, they have both leadership and strategy components. This is why we don't just help individual leaders become more effective, we also work with organizations to help them become more effective, too.

Knowing that trust is a critical success factor of management, we help leaders build trust on three levels: strategic, organizational and individual. Our methodology is based on proven work from our books (including The Trusted Advisor, The Trusted Leader and Your Leadership Legacy) and years of experience working with leaders.


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