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Strategies for the Current Economy

We all know these are unsettled times. We see it not just in the news, but in our clients as well. In a telling conversation with a friend who is prominent New York lawyer, we heard how some of his clients are currently holding off on filing for bankruptcy because there is no funding available for the “debtor-in-possession” financing which is essential to their moving forward.

While our clients are (thankfully) in better shape than his, we wanted to offer some quick samples (and some insights) from our current work.

  1. We are helping more than a few “go-getter” CEO’s and business leaders temper their tendency to fight so hard against the tide of logic that they hurt themselves with their teams and direct reports. Some of them have been so intent on establishing such unrealistic planning and growth targets that they have run the risk of losing credibility. Their rationale, that this would be the way to push the troops to be courageous, finally rang hollow.

    We push them hard to realign their goals and recalibrate their expectations, finding other ways to be both aspirational and motivational.

  2. We try to ensure that people are focusing on their “keepers” in the right way. Knowing where they stand-how they are feeling about the seismic shifts-how the stress may be affecting them—those are good things to know, and are not intrusive. Some of us shy away from those kinds of conversations. But we miss a huge bet in doing so.

    The desire not to be intrusive can be all-too-easily read as not caring. But there are tools and approaches that can be applied, showing we care about the person without getting overly personal. And while many of our clients have scaled back on lots of investments, a majority continue to invest significantly in the development of their highest potential people - through formal training, targeted coaching, and stretch assignments.

  3. Keeping leaders away from the “happy talk.” No one buys it, especially when times are tough. This is a time for truth, and a time for trust.

If we can help you or your colleagues on those kinds of issues please contact us.



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